David Benton "Background" David Benton "Background"


Artist: David Benton
Album: Background
BeyonDaFence Entertainment
City: Knoxville, TN

1. Sorry
2. Tears (feat. Brooke)
3. Alright (feat. Meka, Deborah, & Tammy)
4. Magnificent
5. Peace Up
6. Hear His Voice (feat. Tammy)
7. Wrong For That (feat. Chuck)
8. Background

Produced by: Chris "Baby Boi" Wright & J-Rich
Engineered by: Mr. Mack (Boiler Room Studios)

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Donald Thump
Money Hungry
Unda Da Table Records, Inc.
City: Oak Ridge, TN

Final Countdown:

01. Intro
02. Days Of Our Lives
03. Weekend
04. Str8 2 Da Bar
05. Crank That Motor
06. I'm A Pimp
07. What It Is Gangsta
08. I'm A Hustla
09. Tennessee Clap
10. Freak Wit U
11. That's What Hoes Do
12. Talkin' Sh!t
13. Closet Full
14. Our Father
15. Final Countdown


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